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Serge Tiroche in CAIA Assosiation Webcast "Focus on Africa: Investing in African Art"

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Description: African Art has been one of the developing segments at auctions over the past 15 years. From a historic focus on traditional African art, the interest over the past few years has shifted to modern and contemporary. With all the recent interest in African art, is now the time to invest? If so, where should interested collectors start? What is the best way to gain an understanding of the African art market? Where do collectors buy and sell? What are the upside and risks of investing in African art? In this webcast Serge Tiroche, interviewed by Christine Bourron, shares insights from his experience building a private collection, focused on contemporary art from across Africa and the diaspora.

Panelists: Christine Bourron, CEO, Pi-eX, and Serge Tiroche, Founder, Africa First

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