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Tiroche: Art Collection Map in Israel and the World

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Interview with Serge Tiroche By Laura Shen

The Israeli Tiroche family has made a big statement in Art Stage Singapore 2018. Presented by Omer Tiroche Gallery, London, the late American artist Alexander Calder features a unique exhibition of gouaches on paper. These works comes from Micky Tiroche’s private collection. Omer Tiroche, the owner of the gallery, is the son of Micky Tiroche, who found the largest Israel auction institute Tiroche Auction House, his brother Serge Tiroche brought a remarkable collection of East and Southeast Asian contemporary art to Art Stage Singapore, from his Tiroche Deleon Collection found in 2011. Tiroche brothers’ art mission paid tribute to their father Jean Tiroche, a recognized gallery owner and art dealer in New York, Tel Aviv and Paris. The Israel-based Tiroche family expands their art map around the world, Serge Tiroche, in particular, is dedicated to incubating new artists from third and developing world, as well as promoting art collection to the promising field of investment, facilitating fund management and bridging art passion with investment.

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